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Troop Event Guidelines

About 2 months before event (or more depending on the activity)
  • Contact former sponsor for the event and get a brain dump!
  • Attend PLC meetings, ASM/Committee meetings and gather information. Talk to folks – SM, Committee Chair, etc.
  • Contact the venue to gather information, rules, restrictions, etc.
  • Set activity cost
  • Start gathering potential interested participants with a sign-up sheet at a troop meeting or via email.
  • Start advertising to the Troop:

About 1 month before event (depending on the activity)
  • Accelerate communication - via website Announcements, email, at meetings
  • Continue to Attend PLC meetings, ASM/Committee meetings to share information and get any help needed, decisions, etc.
  • Start Reviewing the signup sheet for potential problems and for completeness:
    • Enough Drivers
    • Enough Adult Leaders – Trained and Untrained
    • Payments are being made
    • Permission Sheet is being signed
    • Gather health forms if applicable

About 2 weeks before event (depending on the activity)

  • Continue to communicate - via Troop Website Announcements, email, at meetings
    • Last minute changes
    • Departure Details
  • Come to a planning session at troop meeting:
    • For Campouts: Print duty rosters, first page of meal planning worksheet and bring to prepare
    • Work with Adult Leaders to choose SPL. *If elected SPL will not be attending
    • Let SPL organize patrols and patrol meals, duty rosters, etc.
    • Get adult going on trip to do the adult food
    • Take the signup sheets with you so you have them at departure time

At Departure time:
  • Give signup sheet to SPL, he will take attendance. He will also start running the whole activity, let him!!!
  • Get health forms if applicable
  • If you are not going, give all the paperwork to the Adult leader in charge.
  • If you are going, enjoy yourself!!!