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Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

  • Must lead one campout (if available) during his term.
  • Be responsible for training and giving direct leadership to the following youth leaders: Historian, 
  • Order of the Arrow troop representative, Scribe, Librarian, Instructor, Quartermaster, and Chaplains Aide.
  • Help lead meetings and activities as called upon by the SPL.
  • Guide the troop in the SPL’s absence.
  • Perform tasks assigned by the SPL.
  • Function as a member of the Patrol Leaders’ Council. The ASPL must attend 50% of PLC meetings unless sick or extenuating circumstances. He must inform the SPL in advance when unable to attend.
  • Help set and enforce the tone for good Scout behavior within the troop. 
  • Set a good example.
  • Wear the Scout uniform correctly.
  • Live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
  • Show and help develop Scout spirit.